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I have always felt so-so about blogs.  I enjoyed reading them, but I never imagined myself having one.  I thought they were a waste of time, so I didn’t give the concept of having  one much thought.  That was a mistake.  One day, from out of the blue, my dad declared that he was going to start a blog.  My whole family thought he was nuts.  He thought it was an amazing idea, and that he would get famous and be on the news.  He made a bet with us that he would have over 100 subscribers by the end of summer.  That was some easy money.  (I don’t want to give you the URL, though, because I don’t want anyone to subscribe to it.)  I continued on with my daily life until I had an interesting news feed pop up in Akgregator: “New FSDaily feature: community blogs!”.  My initial reaction was, “Has the whole gotten blogging fever?”, but then, it occurred to me: people may like to read about my opinions. Why?  Because I am a high school student who is a FOSS advocate.  I have a hunch there aren’t too many of those around.  So I had a discussion with my father.  In the end, there was an additional bet: that my blog would have more subscribers than his.  I went to go start blogging with FSDaily, but I didn’t really like the platform.  Therefore, I went here instead.

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  1. I liked reading your blog. Although it doesn’t have much content yet, you really know how to write and can make the reader interested in your thoughts. Nice work and good luck in the future!

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